The Konami Code Is Actually Part Of Many Websites Check It Out!

2017 was the year for Canada.
As part of this countrywide celebration, a brand new bill that was $ 10 was released by the nation. They made a wonderful new site to show off it.

The link to the site can be found here –¬†


Many loved studying Canada’s history on the website about the figures that were featured on the note. The website’s centrepiece was a manipulatable¬†digital version of the bill that you can play with. It has the physics you’d expect as the note moves around the monitor. Also, there is a secret for video game lovers of the late eighties to early nineties, ones who used the ‘code’.


On this site, the Konami Code was encoded by the website programmers to the website. Do not remember the code? That’s ok, we have got you covered!
When on the website for the new bill, type in the following keys on your computer and you will be shown a little surprise!

The code is as follows; up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a.


You’ll be surprised how many websites have this code set up for a few little fun online. Check it out on a few of your sites and let us know what happens!

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